I've been so busy and tired lately. Tons of homework to do and bla bla bla. Ergh , annoying much.
I didn't get enough rest and sleep. Always sleepy in the class. Ya Allah, what should I do? Sleep early eh?

Yes, I've tried to sleep early and wake up early, but my I can't shut down until 3/4 a.m .___.

Guys, you know what? I've been selected as the President for Librarian of my school today! Hooray!
It was people choice, not me. I didn't even promote myself for the position.

I've got a feeling that, 'that person' *i dont wanna mention his name* is not please with me as he didnt get the post. Hey, it's not something that I've planned or what. I don't even expect that I got the position as a President. And FYI, I even voted for him.

But what can I do? People voted for me more than him... The most voted person will win. This is what we called as "Democratic" . He has to accept the fact la.

Ya Allah, I don't think that I can handle this. But Insyaallah I'll try my best as a President. I hope people gonna respect me, not hate me. And I hope I can manage my temper or be a 'gila kuasa' guy after this. Amin...

Good night guys, got to sleep now. Salam ...


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