Hari ni dah 4 January pun. Baru nk wish new year. haha

Hmm , this year, 2013 gonna b a big year for me. I'll be sitting for SPM T^T
Ya Allah, I'm so scared. I didn't prepare anything. During form 4, I'm playing too much *mood honeymoon la katekan*.

Too many chapters from form 4 that I have to catch up. Chemist aku tak tahu aku belajar apa tahun lps. Mmg aku kerap tak hadir ke sekolah tahun lps. Aku suka ponteng skolah hari Ahad and kebetulan Chemist ada hari Ahad and selasa. Ya Allah, mmg sekrang aku dh rasa mnyesal gila.

This year, I'm gonna start a brand new year, with a brand new wishes and hopes. There's no time to play-play. I'm not gonna talk too much or socialize too much this year. I'M JUST A BRAND NEW ME.

Inshaallah, I'll change slowly. I'm not gonna repeat the same mistakes again.

2012 is the most pathetic year for me. I'm not gonna miss 2012. There's too much painful memories  than the sweet memories left in 2012...

whatever it is, 2013, I'm not the same anymore. I'm not gonna be as cheerful, friendly or talkative as before. I don't care if I lose all of my friend, all of my followers. I don't care even if people don't like me or hate me I'm just wanna change to be a good guy. That's all.

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